Sun 30th Nov 2003 at 17:27

Linux, Linux, Linux! Why oh why

Ok, so redhat want to start making money fair enough, but 300+USD to use their 'stable' distro means that I now am searching for a new distro, both for my servers and my desktops!

So I try Debain... Jesus... this is the first ever distro I have failed to installed first time, in 7 years(!!) and the installation was like stepping back into the dark ages. I even tried installing Mandrake on my desktop PC and it hung on the first boot (which was to do with a USB webcam I had plugged in to my box) I really don't like the idea of Fedora as Redhat quite openly say that they will not class it as stable! But paying for linux seems to be the way the world is going, take SuSe for example, 80USD for professional and 450USD for their 'Standard Server' edition. Ok far enough 50USD for their 'Personal' edition doesn't seem to bad, but what about all of us SOHO users?

You can still download Mandrake ISO images (which seems ok) but is Mandrake really a server distro, I've always thought they were targeting the desktop market.


So my quest begins...

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