Sun 14th Dec 2003 at 18:17

House Invasion

It was another house invasion for me last night, seeing as I didn't have the kids, and was another good night (apart from the weather). We all took the half hour walk to the pub and only just made it into the pub before the heavens fully opened.

It was quite a nice feeling sat in the warm pub watching the hail bouncing off the ground outside.


The house invitations are always quite weird as it is two sets of friends getting together, the climbers and the old uni mates. It is quite funny that while we are all out together, the two groups spend the night distinctly separated, with one or two of us flitting between the two groups. But a good night was had by all and we didn't get back to my house til around 2am, and without anyone getting too rowdy this time :)


The next house invasion is set for new years eve, when currently there will be between 15 - 20 people descending on me, which should make for interesting sleeping arrangements lol

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