Sun 21st Dec 2003 at 18:15

Love Actually...

Last night I went to see Love Actually. While it was really funny (and quite sad in some places), I think it was a case of wrong film at the wrong time of year for me.


The reflections of my life on the big screen came as a bit of a shock and what started out as a film to cheer me up, turned out to be a film that made me look at my life and realise just how much of a lonely time Christmas can be. I am now really looking forward to picking my kids up on Christmas eve...!


Life is quite funny and has a really twisted sense of humour. I spent the whole day with Sarah yesterday and while we have not been dating for a number of months, it was extremely weird (and funny) shopping for the new years eve party together, but was very kewl at the same time. It really kewl to have a friendship as strong as the one I have with her. I just find myself wondering what he boy friend must think :-S lol

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