Thu 11th Dec 2003 at 00:28

Networks and people who tinker

My business partner spent the whole of Monday setting up and re-installing machines and network cables at one of our customers places, only to receive a phone call earlier insisting that he "hadn't touched anything" but it had "all stopped working"?!


I had the pleasure of going down and having a look at what had happened....


OK, the first problem was spotted straight away, and that was that "someone" had messed with the ADSL router, and removed it from it's socket ("No wonder the Internet is broken" I say!). However, while re-plugging it in I notice the network cables have had ALL their plugs cut off. So I quiz them about this and am informed that, yes they ripped out the cables my business partner had placed and laid new cables and wanted us to re-sort them out!


Thus, I think not a prob, quick job... Ha! Nope, the idiot had attached the cables to the walls using steal U-nails, hammering so hard that they had wrecked all the cables... The result... My business partner and I spend the entire evening re-wiring (again), after a trip to Maplins to get more plugs and cable.


I does make me laugh when I hear people staying they haven't touched anything, "it just stopped working"

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