Fri 14th Dec 2007 at 00:00

Have your say

You can now post comments on pretty much any page of this site. This is powered by my new software that I am called everComments that I am aiming to offer as a free service.


I started writing this a while ago and it nearly became abandonware, but due to the wedding site and that my wife was keen to let people comment on the photo's of our wedding, it got dusted off and then chucked in the bin and completely rewritten.

 My main aim of this was allowing me to drop a script onto any site that I design and allow comments to be made and thus everComments was born. It is still in it's beta stage and only being used on three sites:

  1. This site
  2. The wedding site (
  3. A site for a client called Pl!Ngs Places (

However, I am hoping that these three sites will get the posting side tested while I refine the admin interface and then I should be able to release it as a free service, but in the mean time why not leave me comments :-D

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