Ski Scotland Summary page, including speed improvement and better info" />
Fri 18th Jan 2008 at 15:00

Ski Scotland Summary update

I have made a few improvements to the Ski Scotland Summary page due to speed frustration and seeing the site through phones and google's cache.


  1. The speed has been improved - I removed the caching and communication with the Ski Scotland website from the main script and pup it into a scheduled back-end script so that the load time of the page should now always be quick.
  2. Fixed the Road Status - Ski Scotland would have appear to adjust their HTML which caused the Road Status to no longer work. Due to this I have actually improved the way in which the pages are process and it now works better.
  3. More Information on the Open lifts - The number of Open lifts was a count of all open and expected to open lifts. This has now been separated out to show actually open lifts and the total number of lifts expected to open
  4. Latest news - The latest "New from the slope" is now displayed with the Conditions information. This was done because a couple of the centres chose to put additional information in this.

Feel free to leave comments on the actual page especially ways to improve.

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