Thu 3rd Jan 2008 at 00:00

Ski season is here

As some of you know, I get very hyper about this time of year and keep a very close eye on the Ski-Scotland site and especially the Ski Conditions page.


Now while this site is a fantastic resource, my usage of the site can be quite time consuming in that I check out the conditions at all slopes. Bored of this, I thought I would put my skills to good use and waste a little time to save me and a few of my friends a lot of time by creating a page that summaries the information that can be found on the following pages:

And compile it in to the one page called the Scottish Ski Summary which can be accessed from the main menu or by clicking here.

Please Note: This page can take a while to load as it has to process the 5 pages listed above, but it does cache the pages for 30mins. Unfortunately, the Ski Scotland site does to report Page Modification Date/times correctly so I can not do true caching of the information.


If you find this useful, I'd love top hear from you, or if you are involved in the Ski Scotland website please let me know if you have any objections.

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