Tue 7th Dec 2010 at 00:00

Ski Scotland gets a re-vamp

Thanks to Ski Scotland changing their Ski Conditions pages, I have re-written the way in which my page is generated. Hopefully, this will increase the things I am able to do with this information.
It appears that Ski Scotland have revamped the back-end to their ski conditions pages and have activated an XML view of the data: http://ski.visitscotland.com/conditions/glencoe/?view=xml
This means that I can be far more elegant with the data, rather than just scraping their html and applying a little reformatting.
At the moment, all I have really done is to change the way I retrieve this data and adjust some of the formatting on my page. I would like to expand the data available on this page, so if you have a suggestions to make about what you'd like to see next, then feel free to contact me

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