Wed 30th May 2012 at 10:00

RSS feeds are back

When I upgraded this site to the new WebCMS, I made the conscious decision to leave out the RSS feeds from the move. This was to allow me to settle my content first and have a rethink about how I implemented the RSS feeds.

Well they're back.

I haven't quite settled on the exact addressing for the feeds I will use. However, I don't really see myself getting frowned at for having 2 RSS feeds that are exactly the same, but rest assured that when I settle I will put the approprite 301's in place/

Currently, there are currently only 2 feeds:

  1. RSS Icon Blog
  2. RSS Icon Portfolio - Work

The back end of my code uses a PHP class that I wrote a number of years ago to generate RSS 2.0 compliant feeds that can cache aswell. The code that I use is embedded into the article list page and picks up the .rss extension in the request, and passes the display control over to feedMaker class.

$NewsItems = $ARTICLES->GetItems();
$mapArr = array(
	'title' => 'title',
	'description' => 'summary',
	'link'=> 'item_location',
	'pubDate' => 'lastModified',
	'keywords' => 'keywords',

$FEEDMaker = new RSSFeedMaker();
	, preg_replace('![./]rss$!', '', $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])
	, $desciption
$FEEDMaker->makeFeedLinks( $mapArr, $NewsItems );

 You can download the current version of the script here. I offer this freely, but kindly request that you you give me feed back and for that matter, if you come up with any improvements. It is undocumented currenly, but hopefully when I get enough time to finally sort out my "Scripts and Code" section of this site, I can change that fact.

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