Tue 5th Feb 2013 at 13:45

Bad drivers in snow

* Rant Alert *

It's very rare that I have a public rant, but I am growing weary of the moaning about how bad the roads become in snow in this country (UK). Frankly, I am sick of hearing about the following:

1) How bad the snow is

News flash - This is nothing compared to other places in Europe and the rest of the world. So deal with it. The last dump of snow was a foot deep in places, so why is last nights/today's so much worse? Is it just that "we" all think that it is not as bad as the other week and that "we" can drive a lot faster without consideration.

Yes, the winter snow in this country seems to be actually be getting worse, although everyone wants to complain that "the winters are not like they were when we were kids", but it really is no where near as bad as  lets say Canada or parts of France.


2) That the roads are not gritted enough

Get your snow shovel out and help. Gritter wagons can only do so much and when you park on roads making it only just passable by other cars, how do you expect a gritter wagon to get down. Once again, other countries manage to cope. I have driven through France and witnessed Gritter wagons and snow ploughs stuck in ditches at the side of the road, yet the road in front of me has never seemed as crazy as it is in this country.


3) How car manufacturers are to blame with their low profile tyres and how expensive snow tyres are

You don't have to have your 16" rims and low profile tyres. You could opt for some more sensible tyres that make you look less of a prick.
If a couple of hundred pounds is too expensive for you, which I can accept in today's financial climate, maybe buy Snow Socks or snow chains a much cheaper option (<£50). After all, as the poor van driver on the M60 found out, what is the price of safety?
If you really can not afford to make you car safe to drive in this weather, then do the others that share the road with you and don't drive

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