About Myself


I have been working in the area of IT Development and Infrastructure design, specialising in Internet applications and large scale databases, since 1997and have worked on a wide range of projects across a variety of sectors from IT through to Social Research. I have always focused on delivering innovative solutions which are robust, practical, efficient and cost effective to implement.


Born in the summer of 1976, I have grown up with a passion for technology, art and music.

I was lucky enough to be bought my first home computer at the age of 7, a Commodore 64, and it was on this that I first started to program. I have now been programming way too long, but still enjoy the challenge, especially as it is something that never stands still and is always changing. I have been writing software and using the Internet as my preferred platform and playground since 1996. If you fancy browsing some of my work, then you should take a look at my portfolio section of this site.


As for art and and music, I probably don't get enough time to focus on these as much as I should, but I do still play the trombone and violin (not at the same time of course) and occasionally I still find the time to paint or draw.


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