Jun 2002


In 2002 I was ask if I could write a little program that could dial up various tracking devices attached to vehicles, download the logs from them and store the results into a database. The project then grew to have an admin interface where by they could login and view this data.

We were then supplied with several cd's containing map tiles and asked if we could start plotting where these devices were on the maps.

Since the project began it has grown considerably.

We now longer dial each vehicle, as this proved to be costly and slow, each device now connects to our server at a set time interval and dumps its logs to us, this is done via a tiny C program sitting behind xinetd. xinetd was chosen as my C socket skills were rusty (and still are if I'm honest) and why re-invent the wheel.

The reports have been extended to allow fleet managers to pull back journey report, total mileage, out of hours usage plus more. Snail trails can be pulled up on individual journeys, allowing the routes vehicles have taken to be visualised.

One of the major recent developments made to the mapping side of the system, was the displaying of all vehicles on one map. This uses javascript for a "rubber banding" zoom and layering divs to plot the vehicles in real time.

I must also add that the website that they have now, is not the original site that I did and I claim no responsibility for it as the nothing really works in it, although I have just been asked to do some work on it. The members side is still all my own work, so if you want a demo you will have to contact them for a login.

URL: http://www.fleetview.co.uk/

Members URL: http://members.fleetview.co.uk/

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