Apr 2004

MLRS Books - Military History Booksellers

MLRS (Military Library Research Service) was formed in May 2004 in response to a number of requests for reprints of important military books and manuals not reprinted by others, not only do they sell to bookshops but the general public as well. The site was requested after that had previously been let down by another developer who had been unable to complete the site.

It was the first chance I had had to develop an e-Commerce website and the first instance of the site was rolled out to live late 2004. Since then slight modifications to the design have been made and of course the sharp eye'd among you may notice a similarity between the design of my own site and theirs.

Technologies used with this site are GnuPG (for encrypted emails that go one between the admin of the site and the shopping cart), SSL and PHP of course.

URL: http://www.mlrsbooks.co.uk/

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